Richard Barbot's paintings give free rein to his talent and imagination through which Haiti's history will resonate and excite us. His paintings transport the spectator to a place at the border of two worlds; the shape and color vibrate on its canvas to create a fairy space almost visually disturbing and his dexterity translates research into images of mastery.


Richard Barbot was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1961. He has lived in Montreal since his childhood. Richard began as an illustrator at Perfection Graphics, Montreal in 1977 and also illustrated books for kids in 1978. He displayed his work for the first time in the Collectif de la Biennale, in 1984 at the Centre Alexander Brancusi in Montreal, and did his first solo exhibit in 1985 at La Maison de la Culture Marie Uguay in Montreal.

Artist statement

When I paint, I like playing with shapes and colors, as a starting point. Then, like a jazz musician improvising, I try to gradually achieve a coherent image from these colored shapes. Having lived in North America and in the Caribbean, I am under the visual influence of both of these worlds. The human figure often represents the central element of my painting. As I paint various characters, I try to create a visual atmosphere through which I can express my thoughts, my emotions, or my social commitment.

Sincerity above all remains the central element which must give life to the work.


1983 - 1986
Universite du Quebec a Montreal ( U.Q.A.M)
Bachelor of Fine Arts



1987 to present
Ecole Nationale des Arts / Faculte des Science (Haiti)
Art Teacher

Drawing and Painting teacher


First prize in the competition of the Cercle des Artistes Peintres du Quebec ( Montreal) in 1985

Diaspora-Art prize by the Diaspo-Art Gallery( Montreal) in 1985

Received a plaque of Honor and Merit for his contribution to the Haitian culture and his commitment to the young people from the Haiti Jazz Club in 2016.


Commissioned by 1199 SEIU United Healt Workers East to do a painting of Mr. Harry Belafonte which was unveiled at an event to celebrate his 91st birthday.
Commissioned by the Central Bank of Haiti to make the portraits of the Governors.
Commissioned by the Central Bank of Haiti to create the effigy of Sanite Belair which appears on the ten gourdes bills of the Haitian currency.
Living Art exhibition, Leonardo da Vinci center, Montreal.
Nader Gallery exhibition, Port-Au-Prince.
Baird Community Center exhibition, New Jersey.
Musee du College St Pierre exhibition, Port-Au- Prince.
Lambs Theatre exhibition, New York.
Diaspo-Art Galler exhibition, Montreal
Solo exhibition, Maison de la Culture Marie Uguay, Montreal.
Collectif de la Biennale exhibition, Alexander Brancusi Center, Montreal.

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